Meet Our Instructors - Juan

Juan (pronounced JEW-in), nicknamed Ju or Juju,  is one of the most recent graduates from our Spring 200hr YTT Program. After a chance encounter with our owner, Kristen, he began his yoga journey in December of last year.

Initially, Juan was interested in yoga as a restorative practice for his years of back pain from scoliosis and wanted to avoid any serious medical intervention. What he found was an incredibly physical, spiritual, and purposeful practice that has changed his perspective on life and refocused his internal beliefs.

“I had spent years lifting weights, but never enjoyed the process. I dreaded going to the gym. With yoga, I have found purpose in my movements, along with lots fun and laughter, and my goal is to provide you a similar experience.” – Ju

Beyond yoga, his interests include politics, philosophy, food, video games, Spartan Races, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. His favorite crystal is labradorite, his spirit animal is a bear, and he is a proud Capricorn. Take that information however it resonates.

“I look forward to seeing you in class and being a part of your journey. Namaste, y’all.” – Ju

Cultivate Purpose with Ju

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