Lead Trainer/Owner: Kristen Maldonado @TheCrystalYogi-I knew after my first class that yoga was going to Change my life. What I didn’t know was that I was going to change lives too. I decided to start teaching in 2012 and went for it just a few short months later. I was so happy because I had created another streamline income by doing the yoga I already l loved so much! What was truly amazing were the people that were responding to my involvement, instruction and assistance. I had to know more so the more Training I sought out!I created my own small business and I started my 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher Training fall of 2014 and was even more deeply immersed into my practice. Helping other discover their own self healing power was my mission. “Now, the yoga begins.”

Whether you’re a yogi that wants to add a deeper connection and experience to your practice, or someone aiming to share the gifts they have with others this program will dive you farther into the self than you have ever gone before. Our training will test your limits physically, psychologically and emotionally. It is in the balance of mind, body and spirit than we can achieve the peace inside ourselves that we so desperately seek.If your like me, then you may have started yoga as another weight loss attempt doomed to fail like all the others. However, then we felt it. That weight, physically, maybe even energetically lifted off our shoulders. What we offer is a chance to give that those that need it the most. Not just those who love yoga for the crazy awesome sweat fest after a 90 min Hot Power Flow. I’m also talking about those in struggle, those in pain.We have a responsibility to one another that if we can do something we must. I encourage you to take a step forward into this journey with us. Share your gifts with the world and make someone feel loved and appreciated and supported by your genuine guidance.

We invite you to take our Yoga Alliance -200 hour Vinyasa teacher training!Next session starts Feb 2023!

$50 application fee$400 deposit to reserve spot ——–(goes toward tuition)$3500

Flexible scheduling options and the most amazing Graduation Yoga Retreat all included in tuition!YTT comes with 3 months of Unlimited Yoga class + AERIAL!!!

Email thecrystalyogi@gmail.com for an application today!