Meet Our Instructors - Zachariah

Zachariah, or Zack, has been in the fitness industry for about 5 years now as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach

He discovered yoga while participating in a class that challenged him mentally and physically. Zack began taking classes more frequently and began his own practice at home on a consistent basis. As a Trainer/Heath Coach, he realized how yoga could change people’s lives by unlocking the body’s full potential physically and mentally.

Zachariah enrolled at The Yoga Institute with the intention to deepen his overall practice and bring that knowledge and experience to his clients, family, and friends.

For him, yoga is all about balance, flexibility, and unity.  As a teacher, you can expect very precise queuing and directional movements to make it easy to follow, meditation with a focus on the breath to strengthen the body spiritually and physically, and a focus on mobility.

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