Meet Our Instructors - Julie

Julie fell in love with yoga 20 years ago. She was walking through her local gym and saw people doing quite an array of unusual poses. Several days later she saw them again, and thought “doesn’t seem like much of a workout…” and decided to try a class.

Julie was instantly hooked on yoga! Yoga was her first experience with feeling better after her workout than she did before. As her passion increased, Julie started attending yoga classes regularly at a local yoga studio.

Julie’s background is in education, and the perfect time for 200 hr YTT opened up for her in February of 2020. As a student of yoga, she began to realize that yoga is not just a physical practice on a mat; the physical practice of yoga taking her to a deeper awareness of herself, her thoughts, life, and belief system.

“The Bible tells us ‘to hold every thought captive’ and yoga provides a practical way to do that.” – Julie

The more Julie studied yoga the deeper her personal belief system became. In Julie’s personal life and her classes, she focuses on:

  • Embracing the present moment
  • Taking a breath to evaluate my feelings and responses, then choosing to act instead of react
  • Letting go of the past in order to lay hold of what lies ahead

In her practice, Julie loves to do vinyasa or vigorous, flow-based yoga and to take on new challenging poses to build her practice.

“As a teacher, I love learning new things and sharing them with others! I look forward to sharing some ideas and thoughts with you as we practice together on our mats!” – Julie

Discover Deeper Awareness with Julie