Meet Our Instructors - Adriana

Yoga has been part of Adriana’s life since 2016 when she realized she needed to recalibrate her mind, body, and soul. Adriana graduated from YTT in 2019 and appreciates the positive impact it has made in her life.

“When I’m not running around with mom-duties, you can find me baking, moon gazing, or reading with a nice cup of hot black coffee in hand.” 

Adriana is currently studying for her 1000hr herbalism certificate as well as a few DIY projects at home.


  • Crystals: Obsidian, Emerald
  • Tarot Deck: Currently studying the Minchiate Tarot which was a tarot card game played in the early 16-century
  • Yoga:  Yin Yoga and Moon Salutations