Crystal Yoga Studio – Meet Julie

Crystal Yoga Studio – Meet Julie

Meet Julie Younts

Crystal Yoga Graduate Fall 2017

Owner of Magnolia’s Playground: Yoga & Pole Fitness

Julie was a committed yogi from the beginning! She came to class ready to learn and such a beautiful smile in the New Age Community.

We knew she would be a perfect fit for teacher training right away! She was so eager to dedicate some time and effort to expand her practice and share her gifts with others!

Julie has gone on to do amazing things and has just opened up her own yoga studio near Lafayette, Louisiana!

She has a beautiful venue and we could not be more happy for Julie here is what she had to say about taking our yoga teacher training program we could not be any happier to have her as a lifelong yogi!

“My committed practice to yoga began 2.5 years before I made the decision to take my practice deeper. Initially, I felt unsure That yoga teacher training was the right path to deepen my practice, But with much thought and unwavering indecisiveness I finally made a last Minute impulse decision to commit to Kristen’s teacher training program.

Kristen becoming my mentor was one of the best decisions I made in deciding Who would take me to my next best level. She will make sure you understand Proper techniques and continue to work with you as you grow into your own Style. Her program was truly life changing for me. I never imagined I would Be Applying my certification in the ways that I have.

I had no intentions of Teaching yoga or owning a studio. I only planned to to dive deeper into my practice as a yogi. After fulfilling my certification requirements I decided a studio In my hometown was something that had to happen. I am now the proud HBIC of Magnolia’s Playground: Yoga & Pole Fitness. Without Kristen’s love and support As a mentor I would not be on my own beautiful path to love and light.

– Love Julie

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We invite you to take our Yoga Alliance -200 hour Vinyasa teacher training!

Next session starts Feb 2019!

$50 application fee

$400 deposit to reserve spot ——–(goes toward tuition)

$2789 Tuition

$2345 paid if Full by Jan 2019!!!

Flexible scheduling options and the most amazing Graduation Yoga Retreat all included in tuition!

YTT comes with 6 months of Unlimited Yoga class + AERIAL!!!

Crystal Yoga Studio

My name is Kristen Maldonado I am the owner of New Age Yoga and I can't wait to share how Yoga has changed my life! I'm a busy mom with a passion for books and nature. I graduated with B.A. in Literature and Psychology with extensive research in World Religions. My yoga journey began in 2012 after experiencing my very first Savasana. Then i was hooked!! I have a 200hr-RYT cert with Yoga Alliance. I had a 5 year background in POP Pilates but Yoga took my health regimen to the next level. Yoga has taught me to harness the energy of my breath and draw my conscious focus inward. Teaching has been a true blessing and i look forward to sharing what I love about this amazing practice! *Namaste*

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