Aerial Fitness Challenge

Aerial Fitness Challenge

Are you ready to get #FitToFly???

We’re so excited to launch our #AerialFitChallenge!!!!

☆Challenge runs 4/28-5/4☆

7 #aerialfitness poses in 7 days!

Aerial Yoga Fitness is a total body workout! Learn core arm and grip strength all-in-one!

Practice at your favorite Studio or on your home setup♡♡♡

Watch the tutorial and fly along!

《《《Here are the rules》》》

📸Snap a photo of you on your #silk and tag @newageofyoga & our sponsors on IG of the OMazing prizes!

🦄For a chance to win all of the awesome prizes, you will need to ➳
1🕉Follow all of the hosts
2🕉Re-post one of the original posts about the challenge!
3🕉Post all 7 poses before 5/7/18 at midnight.
4🕉Comment on hosts and participant’s photos.
5🕉Hashtag #aerialfitchallenge #newageyogastudio #TheCrystalYogi 6🕉 @ tag 3 new #yogis each day to join the challenge with you!!! 7🕉Check in at New Age Yoga!

Day 1 💪 High- Plank pose
Day 2 🐩 Upward Facing Dog
Day 3 🐥 Crow pose
Day 4 ✂ Scissor split
Day 5 🤸 Supported Handstand
Day 6 🐚 Levitated Mermaid
Day 7 🦋 Eka Pada Koundinyasana

HOSTS 👯🦄🙏🏽

@newageofyoga @aerialyogagoddess
@hangupyoga @yogaskinz @calmthefdownyoga @magnolia_la_mort @thecrystalyogi


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💎 Get a Free #Aerialtutorial of this sequence from @aerialyogagoddess!

🌙1-30 min #dreamdivination session with @calmthefdownyoga!

💋1 online private Yoga&Pole Fitness with @magnolia_la_mort

Happy Flying Aerial Yogis!!!

Anyone viewing or using the information in any of New Age Yoga’s pictures or YouTube videos waives all liability claims against New Age Yoga or any other hosts in the New Age Yoga Challenges. Use of the content may result in injury or death. No amount of care, concern or knowledge can eliminate all risks in aerial yoga activities. Use your equipment at your own risk! Always consult a professional.
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If you’re looking for a local aerial yoga studio join us in Stafford, Texas!!!

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My name is Kristen Maldonado I am the owner of New Age Yoga and I can't wait to share how Yoga has changed my life! I'm a busy mom with a passion for books and nature. I graduated with B.A. in Literature and Psychology with extensive research in World Religions. My yoga journey began in 2012 after experiencing my very first Savasana. Then i was hooked!! I have a 200hr-RYT cert with Yoga Alliance. I had a 5 year background in POP Pilates but Yoga took my health regimen to the next level. Yoga has taught me to harness the energy of my breath and draw my conscious focus inward. Teaching has been a true blessing and i look forward to sharing what I love about this amazing practice! *Namaste*

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