☆Aerial Mermaid Goddess Challenge☆

☆Aerial Mermaid Goddess Challenge☆

If you had told me just a few years ago that I would be the owner of an amazing yoga studio and leading the world through an aerial mermaid challenge I would have called you crazy!

But day in and day out I tried to stay true to myself and lead the most authentic life.

Not all days are sunshine and rainbows and positivity can be a very hard thing to find some days. But I keep my head up and know that I have the ability to make tomorrow a better day than yesterday.

It’s not about circumstance it’s about decisions it’s about action!

What are you doing today to ensure that you have a better tomorrow?

Are you feeling your body with poisons or you fueling it with vibrancy?

Are you showing up on your mat or are you making excuses why you didn’t get there?

Life is about thought in Action!

♡Action speaks louder than words♡

Don’t just say you’re going to do something get up get out and actually do it. Great a plan and see it through!

There is still plenty of 2018 left and we are just getting started!!!

I challenge you starting Sunday to take our aerial yoga mermaid goddess challenge and take your limitations to the next level!

I am SOOOO EXCITED to announce The Aerial Mermaid Goddess Challenge starts 2/25 🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝

You and your family CAN do this! Welcome more play, laughter & mermaid vibes into your home or studio 🧜🏻‍♀️ #aerialbesties #aerialmermaid

🦋For a chance to win all of the awesome prizes, you will need to ➳
1️⃣Follow all of the hosts
2️⃣Re-post one of the original posts about the challenge!
3️⃣Join the tribe at http://www.linktr.ee/aerialyogagoddess
4️⃣Post all 7 poses before 3/3 at midnight.
5️⃣Comment on hosts and participant’s photos throughout the week! Be active in the community!
6️⃣Hashtag #aerialbesties #aerialmermaid

➳POSES➳ (Worksheet and Tutorial are at http://www.linktr.ee/aerialyogagoddess)
Day 1 🐳Tail-tastic pose
Day 2 🌴 🏝Mermaid Dive
Day 3 🌊 ⚓️Under the Sea
Day 4 🌊🐴Sea Horse
Day 5 🌟 Shooting Star
Day 6 🌟🐡Starfish
Day 7 🔮Levitated Mermaid

HOSTS 👯🦄🙏🏽

➳PRIZES ➳ Worksheet and Tutorial are at http://www.linktr.ee/aerialyogagoddess
🦄Signature Aerial Yoga Goddess Sequence Deck ($97 value)
💜Good Vibe Aerial Goddess Backpack from @aerial_yogamom ($20 value)
🐳5.5 yard Tie Dyed Aerial Yoga Hammock from @hangupyoga ($175 value)
🌊Doterra Essential Oils Intro Kit with lavender, lemon and peppermint from @mountainmermaidmama
🌟Enlightened Pugs Coloring book from @cori_dom
💜🔮Crystal Chakra Set from @newageofyoga

Happy mermaiding!!!🌊💜🐳
Anyone viewing or using the information in any of Margie’s or New Age Yoga’s pictures or YouTube videos waives all liability claims against Margie Pargie, New Age Yoga or any other hosts in the Aerial Yoga Goddess Challenges. Use of the content may result in injury or death. No amount of care, concern or knowledge can eliminate all risks in aerial yoga activities. Use your equipment at your own risk!
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