☆Camp Yoga☆

Kids Noodle Camp is around the corner!!!

Book now to ensure your child has a spot reserved we have an amazing fun-filled week for them!!

One of our segments we will be working with exotic fruits and vegetables that are beautiful, fun and easy to make as an alternative to junk food 🙂 

And don’t forget about 

•Kids Aerial Yoga•

Learning to use the body and the breath as well as lowering blood pressure is so vital at such a young age. Plus!! Meditation and relaxation in the hammocks is delicious!

1st session:June 19th-22nd 2017

2nd session: July 17th-20th 2017

$125 for the first child, discounts for multiples or if your referring friends!

Call the studio or Book by downloading the app straight to your mobile device by clicking the link below >>>> http://mndbdy.ly/e/224258




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