200hr-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Yogis our 2017 Yoga Teacher Training starts Feb. 24th!!!

I remember when I first thought about doing yoga. I thought all that stretching must be so easy! Yet I was completely blown away by my first class and my very first Savasana was completely life-changing.  Looking back, I never knew what an impact this practice would have on my life.

Whether you want to share your love of this practice with the world or whether you just want to gain a deeper understanding of the practice and yourself in it then this teacher training is for you. Trainees will leave with a great sense of accomplishment and be able to adequately and purposefully instruct the yoga practice, lead meditation and so much more. Our Community here is warm and inclusive and we invite you to join us on this OMAzing journey!

Applications for a teacher training programs are individually reviewed and enrollment is limited. ($50 application fee) if you are not excepted into the program your application fee will be refunded.

Applications are now available please email me at Kristenyoga0407@gmail.com to request an application.

We will have an open house to discuss the training, payment plans and any questions you may have about the training process Sunday Feb 12 at 1pm. at the studio.

Can’t wait to see you. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Kristen Maldonado 200RYT -(owner)

Crystal Yoga Studio

My name is Kristen Maldonado I am the owner of New Age Yoga and I can't wait to share how Yoga has changed my life! I'm a busy mom with a passion for books and nature. I graduated with B.A. in Literature and Psychology with extensive research in World Religions. My yoga journey began in 2012 after experiencing my very first Savasana. Then i was hooked!! I have a 200hr-RYT cert with Yoga Alliance. I had a 5 year background in POP Pilates but Yoga took my health regimen to the next level. Yoga has taught me to harness the energy of my breath and draw my conscious focus inward. Teaching has been a true blessing and i look forward to sharing what I love about this amazing practice! *Namaste*

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  1. Patrice Stein

    What is the time and financial commitment involved to begin the teacher training? My daughter is getting married in May and between working and wedding stuff I don’t want to over schedule.

    1. Patrice if you can email me I can send you back our application with the time of the trainings and the financial commitments. Steve a very flexible schedule Weekends Only Friday Saturday Sunday. Graduation is in April you will be fine for May!!

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